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What is a DLL injector?

A DLL injector is a tool used to inject Dynamic Link Libary files into a running process. A must have tool for anybody interested in modifying running software. Put simply, it injects new code into a running process. Reverse engineers may use a DLL injector to find and handle vulnerabilities in software.

Are DLL injectors safe?

Although a DLL injector itself is not dangerous, you should only use DLL files from sources you trust. Remember that DLLs are very much like an .exe file; They can run code/instructions with little restriction.

Why this DLL injector over others?

Our highest priority is user satisfaction. You can expect a non-inerruptive interface. There are no annoying ads and no resource consuming crypto miners. We strive to continously improve or introduce new features; All with consideration of experienced reverse engineers, but remains simple and intuitive for recreational use.