What is a DLL injector?

A DLL injector is a familiar tool for reverse engineers. They're used to load code from DLL files into a running process. That's the gist, but here are the details...

What is a DLL?

Using a DLL injector does not require a fundamental understanding of DLL files. Just know that DLL files contain instructions that modify your desired process. You should read more about it anyway.

A DLL can be identified as a file with the file name ending, ".dll". DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. DLL files basically contain chunks of executable code. Any running process can use the code, once the DLL file is loaded. A DLL's inner code/instructions can really be anything. It has near limitless capability in terms of typical software execution. That said, be cautious of where you download DLL files.

Why use a DLL injector?

When a DLL injector loads a DLL into a running process, the code inside of the DLL file will execute. As a result, the code can almost natively modify the running process. This gives incredible modification capabilities.

Are they safe?

A DLL injector itself is not dangerous. It is simply a software-based tool.

If your anti-virus or firewall decides to flag the content, it is a false positive. The nature of a DLL injector is very powerful and will be deemed risky.  Modifying external software is a process both malware and DLL injectors share.

Of course, where you get your DLL injector is where safety becomes an issue. Always, always be sure that you download files from reliable, safe, and official sources.


A DLL injector is used to load code from DLL files into a running process. They're used by many kinds of people; Such as reverse engineers and game exploiters.