Why is our DLL injector free?

There is no form of monetization that we earn from our DLL injector software. There are pre-installer advertisements. There are no display advertisements inside the interface. There is no crypto miner. So why release a high-quality DLL injector with active development, but not charge? How is this sustainable?

Our DLL injector was an in-house solution made for our reverse engineer needs. The content is already made, but re-released with modifications for the public. We believe advertisements from our website make enough to support such efforts.

Will there be any ads in the future?

We have no intentions of ever adding a crypto miner. Although we do not think that this concept is malicious when done in extreme moderation, we believe that even a minimal usage of 5% processing power is overkill.

There is no interest to add conventional advertisements. To provide a clean user experience, we want to make sure any distraction is not present.

There is no interest to add 3rd-party software to the installer- This is basically bloatware anyway.